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Why this website exists:

The sole purpose of this website is to help you find a way to fix your posture.

Answer these 3 simple questions:

  • Do you have PAIN?

  • Do you SIT all day at work?

  • Do you have BAD POSTURE?

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Posture pain – The world’s most preventable condition

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Sitting... You’re probably doing it right now. And I bet you’re doing it wrongly.

Did you know that your sitting posture dictates whether or not if you will develop pain?

Your body works at its best when it is in its correct postural alignment.

With bad posture, structures such as your muscles and joints become over loaded. (…especially if you sit down all day!)

If left unaddressed, this could lead to pain!


Guess what?… You sit for over 1680 hours a year!

Let’s say we take the average time someone is sitting at work is 7 hrs/day, 5 days/week. That equates to 35 hours a week, 140 hours a month and 1680 hours a year. THAT IS A LOT OF SITTING!

(… And this only refers to the sitting at work… Imagine if we included all the hours sitting outside work? Driving the car, public transport, watching television, computer, eating, toilet. etc etc. I’m sure you get the point.)


Image from Wikia.

Take a look at how you’re sitting now. Are you slouching? If you are, don’t feel bad. You are part of the 90% of people with what I call the Quasi Modo syndrome. Poked neck, rounded shoulders, slouched thoracic spine and a rounded lower back.

These characteristics will lead to a domino of problems if not corrected sooner.


Fix your posture NOW!

DO NOT wait until it is TOO LATE to do anything about it!

Your pain does NOT have to be PERMANENT.

It is your choice.

If you knew something was wrong with your body and you had an opportunity to fix it, wouldn’t you do something about it?


“Yeah yeah, I’ll do it later…”

No! – Now is not the time to put this off. Do not procrastinate.

Why is it so important to take immediate action now:

  • A simple problem now can escalate to a complex problem later if you let your poor posture to continue to exist.
  • Your poor posture will not only affect you at work, it will also place you at a higher risk of injury in other areas of your life such as exercise and sports.
  • Prevent chronic and permanent damage such as osteoarthritis and joint degeneration.
  • It may cost you more than $500 to address your issue from a health professional when it could have been easily prevented.



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