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Welcome to PostureDirect.com! And thank you so much for visiting the website.

My name is Mark Wong and I am a registered physiotherapist operating in Sydney, Australia.

After seeing thousands of patients over the years, there has been a particular group of patients who continually present to the clinic over and over again. Every day I would see the same type of people coming in with neck, shoulder, shoulder blade and lower back pain.

These patients shared 2 things in common:

  • Their work required excessive amounts of sitting.
  • They all had bad posture.

PostureDirect.com will help the individual to eliminate their postural pain through knowledge, awareness and specific exercises.

On average, patients can pay more than $500 (that is up to 6-7 sessions with a healthcare provider) to help treat their pain. Even if their pain subsides after a course of treatment, it is not uncommon to see them back with the same re-aggravations sometime in the near future.

Don’t waste over $500 for someone to tell  you that you have pain from your bad posture.  You know yourself if you have bad posture or not. Take action now and take the immediate steps to fix your pain.

The aim of this website is to provide you with authoritative information and the simple steps to help you eliminate your pain.

Mission statement:

 Empower the individual. Take direct control of your own pain!


11112Meet Mark Wong: The Physiotherapist who had experienced and conquered postural pain.

Hi there!  I’m that guy who analyses your posture while you’re walking around minding your own business. No, I am not a stalker, but I do have a compelling urge to help people fix their posture.

Good posture is so important to have. Many chronic pain syndromes can be easily prevented by simply knowing how to fix your posture. Is it easy to do this? To be honest, you do need to invest some time and effort to look after your posture. There is absolutely no time to slack into bad posture. Good posture needs to become natural for you.

That’s why I created PostureDirect.com: I want to help the vast number of people who have developed pain as a result of their bad posture whilst sitting at work all day.

I know firsthand how much being in pain can drain the energy from you and the feeling of being helpless and frustrated. Over several years, I had let my own bad posture create all kinds of issues in my body leading to nagging aches and pains. Until one day, I decided to take control of it once and for all.

I would like to offer you simple strategies to help you abolish your postural pains. To find out how to optimise your posture and take control of your pain, I strongly encourage you to have a browse of the blog posts.

 If you would like to message me directly, please feel free to contact me on the PostureDirect Facebook page.



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