Neck strengthening exercises

neck exercises

Welcome to my ultimate guide to Neck Strengthening Exercises for neck pain! Image courtesy of stockimages at Do you suffer from neck pain? Does it feel like it’s not getting any better? … Or perhaps it’s even getting worse? … then this post is for you! The purpose of this article: I would love to share withRead More

How to fix Rounded shoulders

As a physiotherapist, Rounded shoulders is one of the most common postural problems that I see with my patients. … and yet, it is so easy to fix! Rounded shoulders WILL LEAD TO BAD POSTURE! … Not perhaps… Not maybe… It WILL. (… and if you care anything about your posture, this is a post that you must notRead More

How to fix a Dowager’s hump

“What is that unsightly bump at the base of your neck!?” That is what we call the Dowager’s Hump. Image courtesy of stockimages at This article will cover: What is a Dowager’s hump? What are the causes? How long will it take to fix? How can I tell if I have it? How to fix a Dowager’s humpRead More

101 tips to improve your posture

Welcome to the ULTIMATE and most comprehensive list of ways to improve your posture… everyday! Here’s the brutal truth about posture… A vast majority of us have absolutely shocking posture. … and it’s becoming an increasingly urgent and growing issue! Back pain. Shoulder pain. Neck pain. All this pain from bad posture! If you’re serious about improvingRead More