Lateral pelvic tilt

What is a Lateral pelvic tilt? It is the asymmetric positioning of the pelvis where: one waist height is higher than the other side. (Hip hike) or similarly… one waist height is lower than the other side. (Hip drop)   How do I know if I have it? a) Whilst standing: (Static) Instructions: Stand in frontRead More

How to fix Flared Ribs

// What are Flared Ribs? When you have flared ribs,  the lower portion at the front of your rib cage protrudes forwards and out. It is associated with an increased arch of the lower back. The rib cage should feed directly into your pelvis.   // What are the causes? a) Weak abdominal muscles: The abdominal musclesRead More

How to improve your Ankle Dorsiflexion

What is Ankle Dorsiflexion? It is the movement where the ankle (talocrural joint) is bent in a backwards direction. .. and why is it so important? Having full ankle dorsiflexion is ESSENTIAL in your posture and movement. This is especially true for when you are moving! (walking, running, squatting and jumping) Why? … Because restricted ankle mobility will leadRead More

How to fix a Winged Scapula

Image from ePainAssist. What is a Winged Scapula? A Winged Scapula is when the medial (inner) border of the shoulder blade protrudes off the rib cage.  (… Ideally – it should sit completely flat!) Winging of the scapula can be observed in: Natural resting posture (static) and/or Certain shoulder movements (dynamic). It is often one of theRead More

How to fix Flat Feet

flat feet exercises

Image courtesy of FrameAngel at How to fix flat feet?…  It’s not as difficult as you would think. The purpose of this blog post is to provide you everything that you will need to help fix your flat feet. What to expect in this article: Background information: What is Flat feet? What causes fallen arches?Read More