How to fix Rounded shoulders

As a physiotherapist, Rounded shoulders is one of the most common postural problems that I see with my patients. … and yet, it is so easy to fix! Rounded shoulders WILL LEAD TO BAD POSTURE! … Not perhaps… Not maybe… It WILL. (… and if you care anything about your posture, this is a post that you must notRead More

How to fix a Dowager’s hump

“What is that unsightly bump at the base of your neck!?” That is what we call the Dowager’s Hump. Image courtesy of stockimages at This article will cover: What is a Dowager’s hump? What are the causes? How long will it take to fix? How can I tell if I have it? How to fix a Dowager’s humpRead More

101 tips to improve your posture

Welcome to the ULTIMATE and most comprehensive list of ways to improve your posture… everyday! Here’s the brutal truth about posture… A vast majority of us have absolutely shocking posture. … and it’s becoming an increasingly urgent and growing issue! Back pain. Shoulder pain. Neck pain. All this pain from bad posture! If you’re serious about improvingRead More