Anterior Pelvic Shift: How do I fix it?

What is an Anterior pelvic shift? It is the forward position of the pelvis (relative to the ankle joint) as seen in the standing posture. The Anterior pelvic shift is also referred to as: Forward hip shift Hips pushed forwards Anterior hip shift Forward pelvis position Note: It is NOT the same as an Anterior pelvic … Read more Anterior Pelvic Shift: How do I fix it?

Hamstring stretches

Image courtesy of Ambro at Do you… suffer from tight hamstrings? struggle with touching your toes? have lower back pain? Well… I’ve got some hamstring stretches that might just help you! I What to expect in this article: A complete list of all of the hamstring stretches that you will ever need to know. How to … Read more Hamstring stretches

How to fix a Rotated pelvis

What is a Rotated pelvis? Ideally – the pelvis should be centered and orientated towards the front. (The pubic bone facing directly forwards) With a rotated pelvis, the pelvis is twisted and facing more towards one side. Types of Pelvic rotation “Which way is your pelvis pointing?” Left pelvis rotation: The pelvis is orientated towards … Read more How to fix a Rotated pelvis

How to improve your Ankle Dorsiflexion

What is Ankle Dorsiflexion? It is the movement where the ankle (talocrural joint) is bent in a backwards direction. .. and why is it so important? Having full ankle dorsiflexion is ESSENTIAL in your posture and movement. This is especially true for when you are moving! (walking, running, squatting and jumping) Why? … Because restricted ankle mobility will lead … Read more How to improve your Ankle Dorsiflexion

How to fix a Winged Scapula

Image from ePainAssist. What is a Winged Scapula? A Winged Scapula (Scapula Alata) is when the medial (inner) border of the shoulder blade protrudes off the rib cage.  (… Ideally – it should sit completely flat!) Scapular winging can be observed in: Normal resting posture (static) and/or Certain shoulder movements (dynamic). Other characteristics: Drooping shoulder Uneven shoulders … Read more How to fix a Winged Scapula