How to fix Rounded Shoulders

If you hunch or slouch, then you probably have Rounded shoulders! This article will cover: What are Rounded shoulders? What are the causes? Common areas of pain Test to determine if you have Rounded shoulders How to fix your Rounded shoulders What is the correct shoulder position? Other areas to consider What are Rounded shoulders? Having Rounded shoulders is whenRead More

Best sleeping position

The purpose of this post is to answer the question of: “What is the best sleeping position to promote good posture?” What to expect in this post: The importance of your sleeping posture What is the best position to sleep? Exercises to do before you sleep How to test if a mattress is suitable forRead More

Top 4 tools to improve your posture

“Other than doing all of the exercises mentioned on, what else can help with my posture?” Over the past 5 years as working as a physiotherapist, I have consistently been on the prowl to find the best tools available to help improve my very own and patient’s posture. As I strongly believe in empowering the individual to take controlRead More