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Welcome to the PostureDirect Useful Tools page!

I have tested each and every recommendation on this page. I know that they can help you with your posture!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding these resources.

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These are essential. Here are the top 4 tools that I use every single day to make sure my posture is as good as it can be.

 1. Standing Desk (VariDesk)

2. Rumble Foam Roller

3. Lacrosse Ball

4. Body Back Buddy

// SELF-Release TOOLS:

Feeling stiff? These are the tools that I recommend to release any tight structures in the body. If you have read any of the blog posts, you would have noticed that I am huge on making sure our muscles are firstly released.

Who needs to pay for a massage when you can use these tools yourself instead!

Rumble Foam Roller

Most of you would have already heard of the foam roller. If not – they are essentially a cylindrical piece of foam which is used by rolling your body on top of a particular area. They come different firmness, sizes and surface grooves.

Champion Sports Lacrosse Ball

The lacrosse massage ball is similar to how the foam roller works. However, due to the shape and smaller size, it allows for more specific areas of the body to be released.

TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball

For those of you who find the firm releases of the lacrosse ball too painful to tolerate, I would recommend using this type of massage ball instead. It is several degrees softer and much gentler on the body.

Yoga Wheel

Another great addition to your tools to help with your posture. This tool is useful to help loosen up and straighten your spine.

Body Back Buddy

This little beauty allows for pin-point area releases without the need to use your body weight to apply the direct pressure. Great for those tricky areas to reach.

Mobilisation wedge

A handy tool you lie on top of to help loosen up the joints in your spine. (… especially useful if you tend to have a hunchback posture!)

Muscle roller stick

With this release tool, you can give yourself a nice painful massage. I personally find it the most effective when I use it on my thigh muscles.


// Ergonomic equipment:

So, what’s the best equipment to maintain good posture?

McKenzie® Lumbar Roll

If you find that your chair does not offer your lower back any support at all, the addition of a lumbar roll can make a significant difference to any back pain that you may have.

Varidesk  – Adjustable Standing Desk

Prolonged sitting is destroying your posture. With a height adjustable standing desk, it gives you the choice of sitting or standing whilst working on the computer.




// Exercise equipment:


Exercise Stability Ball

A valuable addition to the resources page and a must have for everyone considering working on their core muscles.

You can even use it as an office chair if you wanted. (… just make sure you sit with good posture!)

Resistance bands

These elastic pieces of tubing are used to help strengthen your muscles.

There are used in a range of different exercises as mentioned throughout the blog.

Stretch band

Do you like to stretch?

Take your stretching game to a whole new level with the use of a stretch band

TRX suspension

Want to challenge your core and stability?

Well… the TRX suspension band is the way to go.

Vibram – VTrail

I love my minimalistic shoes! They force you to engage all of your foot muscles.

Finger strengthening bands

We use our hands and fingers every single day. That’s why it is important to make sure that they are strong!



// Pain relief:

Pain sucks! If you are trying to relieve some of your pain, please consider using the following.

TENS machine

Applying Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (or TENS) to the area of your pain will help disrupt the painful nerve signals going to your brain. Great for a bit of symptomatic relief!

Neck Traction Device

This device is used for loosening up stiff neck joints and relieving any nerve symptoms.


3 thoughts on “Useful Tools

  1. re massage : some years ago I was in physical therapy. I was given a massager Acuvibe 6002A . It allows you to focus on the trigger points and its long wand allows you to reach all areas in your back. I highly recommend it!
    I have a pain in my shoulder blade and your exercises are helping me greatly. Thank you!!!

    1. Hey Alicia,

      Great to hear your shoulder blade pain is getting better with the exercises.

      And thanks for the recommendation of the massage device. I will check it out for sure!


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