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Welcome to the PostureDirect Useful Tools page!

I have tested each and every recommendation on this page. I know that they can help you with your posture!

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These are essential. Here are the top 4 tools that I use every single day to make sure my posture is as good as it can be.

 1. Standing Desk (VariDesk)

2. Rumble Foam Roller

3. Lacrosse Ball

4. Body Back Buddy


Feeling stiff? These are the tools that I recommend to release any tight structures in the body. If you have read any of the blog posts, you would have noticed that I am huge on making sure our muscles are firstly released.

Who needs to pay for a massage when you can use these tools yourself instead!

Rumble Foam Roller

Most of you would have already heard of the foam roller. If not – they are essentially a cylindrical piece of foam which is used by rolling your body on top of a particular area. They come different firmness, sizes and surface grooves.

Champion Sports Lacrosse Ball

The lacrosse massage ball is similar to how the foam roller works. However, due to the shape and smaller size, it allows for more specific areas of the body to be released.

TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball

For those of you who find the firm releases of the lacrosse ball too painful to tolerate, I would recommend using this type of massage ball instead. It is several degrees softer and much gentler on the body.

Yoga Wheel

Another great addition to your tools to help with your posture. This tool is useful to help loosen up and straighten your spine.

Body Back Buddy

This little beauty allows for pin-point area releases without the need to use your body weight to apply the direct pressure. Great for those tricky areas to reach.

Mobilisation wedge

A handy tool you lie on top of to help loosen up the joints in your spine. (… especially useful if you tend to have a hunchback posture!)

Muscle roller stick

With this release tool, you can give yourself a nice painful massage. I personally find it the most effective when I use it on my thigh muscles.

Ergonomic equipment:

So, what’s the best equipment to maintain good posture?

McKenzie® Lumbar Roll

If you find that your chair does not offer your lower back any support at all, the addition of a lumbar roll can make a significant difference to any back pain that you may have.

Varidesk  – Adjustable Standing Desk

Prolonged sitting is destroying your posture. With a height adjustable standing desk, it gives you the choice of sitting or standing whilst working on the computer.

Exercise equipment:

Exercise Stability Ball

A valuable addition to the resources page and a must have for everyone considering working on their core muscles.

You can even use it as an office chair if you wanted. (… just make sure you sit with good posture!)

Resistance bands

These elastic pieces of tubing are used to help strengthen your muscles.

There are used in a range of different exercises as mentioned throughout the blog.

Stretch band

Do you like to stretch?

Take your stretching game to a whole new level with the use of a stretch band

TRX suspension

Want to challenge your core and stability?

Well… the TRX suspension band is the way to go.

Vibram – VTrail

I love my minimalistic shoes! They force you to engage all of your foot muscles.

Finger strengthening bands

We use our hands and fingers every single day. That’s why it is important to make sure that they are strong!

Pain relief:

Pain sucks! If you are trying to relieve some of your pain, please consider using the following.

TENS machine

Applying Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (or TENS) to the area of your pain will help disrupt the painful nerve signals going to your brain. Great for a bit of symptomatic relief!

Neck Traction Device

This device is used for loosening up stiff neck joints and relieving any nerve symptoms.

44 thoughts on “Useful Tools”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the great information on your website. I noticed that the roller you use is a foam roller with no bumps on it. The Rumble foam roller link (above) takes me to a page that says that roller is no longer available. Can you recommend a different foam roller with no bumps on it?


    • Hi Valerie,

      Thanks for letting me know the link is broken.

      In terms of what foam roller – if you want the one with no bumps on it, you can get any foam roller. I bought mine for 5 dollars 5 years ago and it is still going strong!

      Just make sure that the firmness is relatively comfortable as you lay on top of it.


  2. Mark,
    I have brand new running shoes, New Balance Fresh Foam. They have a raised heel. I also use Good Feet orthotics to good effect after plantar facsiaitis. I am having pain just below the knee cap. I did not have this problem with Merrill shoes. Any thoughts?

    • Hey Norman,

      I would caution the use of any shoe that has extra cushion as this will tend to exaggerate your foot positions.

      For example – if you tend to supinate naturally, the extra cushion in some shoes may actually cause you to supinate even more.

      This could lead to extra stress to the knee region, which by the sounds of it in your case, is the patella tendon.


  3. I have been looking for good rollers and equipment of that sort, however the ones I’ve found are expensive and wear out or break down rather quickly… what brands and items do u recommend?

  4. Hi Mark,

    First off, WOW, thank you SO much for putting this site together. 2 sort of misc. questions:
    1. what’s the use case for the neck traction device? i have one and use it maybe once per day, and i find that my neck feels “a little better” after using it, but i’m curious about why it’s helpful and what types of people benefit from it. and in addition, i notice that i get a similarly good feeling in my lumbar region if i hang upside down from something (like a horizontal tree branch or something haha). i definitely have an anterior pelvic tilt and experience a lot of pain in that area. does that sort of lumbar traction seem useful to you?

    2. any thoughts on sitting cross-legged? i get really restless throughout the day and have difficulty maintaining a single position. if i can switch between the good sitting posture you outline on this blog, and sitting in lotus position or something, that would be awesome. but i’m not sure if various states of cross-legged sitting are suboptimal.

    thank you again so so much :)

    • Hello Ezra,

      1. Traction helps decompress joints. Another way to think about it is that it creates more space between the joints so that they are not squashing each other. Traction can pretty much be applied to any joint (just like in your lumbar spine where you are hanging up side down).

      However – keep in mind that traction by itself is not enough. It is good for symptomatic relief, but is best used with some sort of exercise program.

      I think you might find this blog post helpful: Spinal Decompression at Home.

      2. Sitting crossed leg is fine, but I would suggest that you have an adequate amount of hip flexion and external rotation to have the ability to maintain lumbar neutral.

      Keep in mind – moving in and out of different sitting posture is the way to go! (Sitting 8 hours in “perfect posture” WITHOUT moving also has its negative affects on the body)


  5. Hi Mark,
    I want to buy the neck traction device and the resistance band. I clicked on the links that you provided and read through the comments and about the product on amazon. It says that it is only safe to use for 90 days and shouldn’t be used more than 90 days. What do you think? Did you use it for more than 90 days?

    • Hey Daniel,

      Generally speaking – I feel that you could use it more than 90 days.

      However- if you are addressing the main issue, you probably won’t need to do it for that long.


  6. Hi Mark this is a great article!

    I notice that you are using a mobility wod supernova massage ball in some of the images and I was wondering if they are as good as advertised? I use a locrosse ball and I get decent results but I would be willing to fork out the cash for a supernova if they do provide more fascial traction and a deeper release. What is your opinion?


    • Hey Harry,

      I’ll be very honest. I still prefer to use a simple lacrosse ball over the supernova for the bulk of my releases. (plus it’s a fraction of the cost)

      My recommendation: You’l be perfectly fine with the lacrosse ball. Even better – get different lacrosse balls with different firmness.

      Hope this helps.


    • Hey Emily,

      I’ll be honest – I don’t know too much about bras but I would recommend something that provides an upward lift.

      You basically don’t want the weight of the breasts to pull your posture forwards/downwards.

      Hope this helps!

      If you ever find a specific type of bra that provides adequate support, please let me know.



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